Problem With Connecting Your ESP8266 To WiFi

Computer connects to the real WiFi network when it shouldn't.

To be viewing this page you must be connected to the internet but to configure your ESP8266 device you need to be connected to it's WiFi network. Then you can tell it your network name and password so it can connect itself to your WiFi network.

Solution To Connect Your ESP8266 To WiFi

Computer connects to ESP8266 WiFi network. ESP8266 connects to the real WiFi network.

Disconnect from the current WiFi network and connect to the ESP***** WiFi network. If you can not see an ESP***** network do a long press on the device button and try scanning again. If that doesn't work try rebooting your device.

* represents the characters that are different for each device. An ESP8266 WiFi network always starts with ESP followed by an ID number that is unique to each device.

Another Solution

Connect your ESP8266 device to WiFi with an Android app which is simpler than using a web interface as it automatically connects to the correct networks.

More Information

The ESP8266 can be connected to a WiFi network and provide a WiFi network simultaneously.

For your device to work it should be running this version of WiFi Manager or at least have this software incorporated in to the application it is running. WiFi Manager exists to connect an ESP8266 to WiFi using a web configuration portal served from the ESP8266 operating as an access point. This avoids having to provide a complicated interface on a simple device.